The Top Eight Reasons Aliens Could Be Interested in Our Planet

Type of that way separated lighthouse shining like a beacon in the darkness. If, as SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) practitioners think, there should be many 1000s of scientifically sophisticated extraterrestrial civilizations or organizations, not only thousands or hundreds but millions of decades senior to us in technological improvement, effectively, given that technological development is exponential, the living of ET must be apparent to all but Blind Freddy alien labs.

However all the un-blind Freddies of the entire world don’t see ET. The obvious conclusion is that sometimes we’re the Common It in terms of a technological society or at least leading the pack. We’re more scientifically sophisticated than every other strange civilization. I have trouble with this scenario.

There are plenty of examples of exponential development here on Earth. Biology is one example. Living forms greatly reproduce to meet up the accessible resources necessary to maintain that living sort, but once the gobblers exhaust the resources, the gobblers decline or at least level off if the resources are renewable. One of these of such a living sort is the human species.

Some types of human engineering are now ‘enjoying’ exponential growth. Medical engineering for one; nanotechnologies are still another; and the who related fields of artificial intelligence, research meltdown power, robotics, the increase and increase of the Web, etc. Notably related is systems main to human-machine interfacing. Security systems are rising by leaps and bounds. Destructive firepower however raises at a rapid charge of knots. But not totally all kinds of knowledge or types of engineering are equivalent in growth.

But, many systems have reached a level or aren’t raising really quickly any more, actually if they after did. Transportation systems have leveled off – the automobile of nowadays is little different in theory compared to the Model-T.

Plane plane don’t allow you to get across the pool any quicker nowadays than they did 30 decades ago. There’s little different in theory involving the Saturn V and the Room Shuttle. Quite quite similar applies to bicycles, ships, and trains.

There’s a continuing PBS TV line (also several books and also a website) named “Deeper To Truth” ;.It is managed by neuroscientist Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He’s included in one-on-one interviews and panel discussions with the treatment of the treatment of today’s cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, etc. on most of the Huge Issues encompassing a trilogy of wide issues – Cosmos; Mind; God.

It has nothing related to if Lord really exists (He doesn’t IMHO), but rather the effect that the discovery of ET and specially ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) could have on the True Believers in a supernatural deity – and for benefit of brevity, let’s restrict Lord here to the Lord of the Previous and the New Testaments.

Some True Believers would argue that Lord can perform whatever Lord goddamn effectively needs to accomplish, and because Lord is such an egotistical maniac (Thou will haven’t any different gods before me) that He probably made umpteen zillions of inhabited sides in order to have a googolplex of entities bowing and scraping to Him. Whether J.C. has to end up strongly going and visiting many of these sides in turn is neither here or there.

The Top Eight Reasons Aliens Could Be Interested in Our Planet

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