Media: Horizon Zero Dawn is being re-released with improved animations, lighting and models

Sony seems to enjoy releasing updated versions of not-so-old games using modern technology. MP1st reported that a remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is in development. Sources at the VGC website confirmed this information.

If we believe the informant who wished to remain anonymous, the Horizon Zero Dawn re-release for PlayStation 5 will get an updated lighting system, redesigned textures, and improved animations and character models to bring everything up to the level of the Horizon Forbidden West sequel.

In addition, the developers intend to add to the original accessibility settings from the second part and several graphics modes. Gameplay may undergo minor changes from the “quality of life” category.

In addition, information about the multiplayer game on Horizon has resurfaced. A year ago, publication VGC said that Guerrilla Games is recruiting people to create such a project. The studio wanted to introduce multiplayer in HZD, but the idea was abandoned. Now it is known that online gaming branch is prepared for PS5 and PC, and the emphasis will be made on the co-op.

Recall, Eloi’s adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn began in 2017. A while later, the game received an add-on, The Frozen Wilds, and also landed on PC. Guerrilla Games released a special patch for more comfortable gameplay on PS5. In February 2022 the sequel Horizon Forbidden West was released.

At the moment Guerrilla Games is working on a spin-off for PS VR2 called Horizon Call of the Mountain. There is also work on a series based on Horizon Zero Dawn for Netflix. Recently there was a rumor that the studio is working on an add-on for Forbidden West.

Media: Horizon Zero Dawn is being re-released with improved animations, lighting and models

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